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Unified ITF Australia membership is aligned closely with it's International Governing Body, Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation. There are two broad levels of membership available; Unified ITF Lifetime Black Belt Membership and the Unified ITF Two Year Club Registration. Both memberships are direct to the Unified ITF Headquaters and by extension, your membership to Unified ITF Australia is recognised internationally. Before applying, please read and understand our Memorandum of Understanding.


Unified ITF Lifetime Black Belt Membership - Online Application

Unified ITF Lifetime Black Belt Membership as it's name implies, registers the applicant as a Lifetime Member, granting the member discount access to Seminars, Tournaments and some associated goods and services specific to regions or countries they may travel to. This membership is valid irrespective of any other organisation the member may be party to.


Unified ITF Club Registration - Online Application

Unified ITF One or Two Year Club Registration is specifically for Heads of School to ensure all Gup Members within their Schools are able to enjoy the benefits that Dan Members are granted through their Lifetime Black Belt Membership. This registration also commits the Unified ITF Australia organisational priority with the Club for the hosting of events and seminars such as Local, State and National Championships as well as prioritising the registered Club for assistance in organisational, structural and other non-core assistance.



Memorandum of Understanding

  1. The Memorandum of Understanding is specifically between Unified ITF Australia and the Head of School for which an application to join may be submitted. Please review and indicate understanding before applying for a School Charter (which will be indicated on application).
  2. Unified ITF Australia is a Cooperative Governing Body that endeavours to assist it's membership insofar as the Membership honestly abides by General Choi's Encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do to the best of their capability - and where non-compliant - to take measures to seek compliance in a timely manner.
  3. Of Utmost importance is the Head of School's right to run the School in an autonomous fashion, if this proves too divergent to the ideals of Unified ITF Australia, the School's membership may be revisited however Unified ITF Australia will not intervene in the operations of said School otherwise.
  4. Although the School will never be restricted to Unified ITF Australia events through it's Membership, The School should make honest effort to be involved in Unified ITF Australia events as much as possible, prioritising such events over non-Unified ITF Australia events wherever practical.
  5. For the purposes of Dan Testing, it is preferable to panel a minimum of Three International Instructors, where the School hosting the Dan Testing has an International Instructor, that International Instructor will have ultimate jurisdiction on the Testing. Where the School doesn't have an International Instructor, they may nominate a Unified ITF Australia International Instructor, Master or Grand Master to act on their behalf on matters relating to Gup and Dan examinations.
  6. For such combined Dan Testing, Qualified Examiners on the Panel will be responsible for the Dan Testing of their own Candidates and/or Candidates they've been nominated to Test.


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